Min Hyo Rin Positively Considering Role for "Faith" Which Stars "City Hunter" Lee Min Ho

It looks like there is a high chance that the beautiful Min Hyo Rin will play a princess in the upcoming drama “Faith.” (Also known as Shin Eui) As we reported before, “Faith” is about a warrior during the Goryeo dynasty and a doctor (Portrayed by Kim Hee Sun) from the present trying to make a king that heals common citizens.

A representative of “Faith” stated, “Currently the production company of ‘Faith’ and Min Hyo Rin’s representatives are in talks about her appearing in the drama. When casting is finished, we will begin to film the drama.”

If Min Hyo Rin takes up the offer, she will appear as Princess “No Guk” who was captured by China but is returned to Goryeo. On her way of returning to Goryeo, Princess “No Guk” gets injured and Lee Min Ho’s character brings Kim Hee Sun’s character to treat her.

A representative of “Faith” stated of Min Hyo Rin, “We believed that Min Hyo Rin would be perfect for the princess role because she played a beautiful and haughty character in last year’s blockbuster ‘Sunny.’”

Currently Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun are confirmed for the drama. Lee Min Ho will portray the captain of the king’s guard, who will later become a general.