Lee Dong Wook’s Past Yearbook Photos Prove His Natural Good Looks

Earlier today, SBSGood Morning” unveiled graduation photos of actor Lee Dong Wook. As shown in the photos, Lee Dong Wook was blessed with great looks from a young age, and his elementary, middle, and high school yearbook photos proved his unchanging flower boy image. However, Lee Dong Wook appears to be very reserved and introverted in the photos.

Hence, “Good Morning” brought in his middle school classmate to pry into his childhood. His friend, Kwon Min Jung, revealed that Lee Dong Wook’s every little action was enough to attract his female classmates’ attention. She revealed, “In middle school, the president of each class had to come out and either sing or dance. As most of you who’ve seen him in ‘Strong Heart,’ he’s not a good dancer. But he did a little twist, which was absolutely adorable. Afterwards, the girls talked only about that [Lee Dong Wook’s dance] for at least a month.”  

Meanwhile, Lee Dong Wook has challenged himself with a new role as MC of SBS “Strong Heart.” While he’s well known internationally for his popular dramas, Lee Dong Wook had no prior experience in emceeing. Hence, many viewers expressed their doubts in Lee Dong Wook’s ability to host a variety show. However, it’s been a little over a month since “Strong Heart’s” transition to the new MCs, and Lee Dong Wook has silenced many of those skepticisms with his witty remarks and actions.