2PM’s Upcoming Single "Beautiful" Is Heating Up Pre-Order Charts

2PM’s new Japanese single, “Beautiful,” which is scheduled for a June 6 release, is already sweeping the pre-order charts. On May 5, all three editions of 2PM’s single, “Beautiful” took the top spots (first, second and fourth) on the Tower Records Pre-order Charts. In addition, 2PM’s Arena Tour DVD took the third spot, sweeping the top four spots on the chart.

This single is 2PM’s fourth Japanese single, composed by JYP and written by Natsumi Watanabe. In addition to the song “Beautiful,” this single is garnering attention for the couple song, “Kimi Ga Ireba,” which was produced by 2PM’s member, Junho.

With the upcoming release, 2PM will begin their full on promotional activities on May 24 with six concerts at Budokan in Tokyo, Japan. The new single will be released a week after the concerts and followed by a “High Touch” event on the June 16.

For a preview of 2PM’s new single, check out 2PM and “Beautiful” on Japanese commercial of Sempio Fucho drink.