BoA Getting Used to Life Without "K-Pop Star"

BoA expressed her sadness over the end of SBS “K-Pop Star.” On May 7, BoA tweeted “First week without ‘K-Pop Star.’ I was able to spend it well. I almost went to Songdo [a city where ‘K-Pop Star’ is filmed] but I woke up! I hope I can get use to all of this.”

In response to BoA’s shared sadness, many netizens commented: “I hope you return to season 2,” “I was also bored without ‘K-Pop Star’ this Sunday so I re-watched last week’s performances,” and “Where will I see BoA now?”

K-Pop Star ended its season with Park Ji Min’s win last week. If you haven’t seen the last performances or miss ‘K-Pop Star’ like BoA, you can check out the performances of the winner Park Ji Min and the runner-up, Lee Ha Yi, below!