Lee Min Woo Wants to Build "Shinhwa Museum"

Shinhwa appeared on the most recent episode of Mnet “Yoon Do Hyun’s Must” and talked about their life goals in 10 years. 

Lee Min Woo said, “I want to build a ‘Shinhwa Museum’ in 10 years. I want to display everything about Shinhwa for our fans to come and reminisce about us and the time we spent together. I also want to have a theater ready in the museum for Shinhwa to continue performing after 10 years.” 

He added, “I will have an empty land ready for YB, so build your own YB Museum,” which made Yoon Do Hyun burst out into laughter. Meanwhile, Jun Jin wittily answered the same question, “My goal is to have a sauna built next to Shinhwa Musesum.” 

Fans and netizens commented on Lee Min Woo’s goal, “I want to make Lee Min Woo’s dream come true,” “Shinhwa Changjo Forever!” and “What a cute goal Lee Min Woo has.”