Lee Hyori Finally Gets to Visit Home She Was Born in

Lee Hyori revealed the pictures of her childhood home on twitter. On May 7, Lee Hyori tweeted, “This is the country house where my mom had me on her back when I was two. It’s amazing to visit this country house after 32 years. Everything stayed the same as in the pictures.” She posted two pictures of her childhood home along with this comment.

The revealed pictures show a shabby and yet, picturesque countryside house. One picture captures the front yard with a platform for crocks of sauces and condiments in the middle of wildly grown grasses. In the other photo, Lee Hyori is standing in front of her childhood home under the awning, looking out into the yard as if she is reminiscing about the good old days of her childhood. 

Netizens commented, “What a cute, humble house you lived in,” “Oh the memories of an old countryside house! It must be amazing,” and “The house I grew up in was destroyed. I’m jealous in a way.”