SISTAR Is Going Through Their Golden Age?

What isn’t SISTAR able to do right now? Currently the sexy girl group is dominating the Melon chart and the U.S. Billboard K-Pop chart with their new single “Alone” which was released on April 21.

On the U.S. Billboard K-Pop chart, “Alone” was up for 4 weeks. The song has withstood popular music acts such as Busker Busker, TaeTiseo, JYP, and IVY.

However, SISTAR’s other success is coming from their advertisements. They have appeared in advertisements for Sola-C, Pelicana chicken, fashion brands CLRIDE.n and Plastic Island, and the Hyundai Veloster Turbo. There are also advertisement contracts for makeup, water parks, and foods.

SISTAR’s agency Starship Entertainment, “We believe that the trust behind the brand ‘SISTAR’ has increased because SISTAR continues to release good music and shows off their amiable sides on variety shows. Currently SISTAR is having their best days.”