Jeon Ji Hyun Shocks Fans with her Muscular Legs

Less than a month since her wedding, Jeon Ji Hyun headed to Germany to film her new movie “Berlin” yesterday, May 6. However, the actress shocked both reporters and netizens with her latest appearance. She kept her airport fashion simple and comfortable, matching a white tee with shorts and sneakers. Even in such casual attire, Jeon Ji Hyun managed to radiate the celebrity aura with her trademark long, straight hair and sunglasses. Netizens were especially drawn to her legs, specifically her muscular calves.

Her less-than-perfect calves came as a surprise to many, and netizens commented that it contrasted with her feminine image. With Jeon Ji Hyun venturing more into action movies lately, it seems that she developed her muscles with the constant training and endless stunt scenes.

Netizens commented, “I definitely didn’t expect to see such muscular legs belong to an actress,” “It makes her human. I like her more now that I know she’s not perfect,” “She looks so fit,” “You would think she would get massages to smoothen out her leg muscles,” “They remind me of Kim Jong Kook’s muscular calves. LOL” and more.