TaeTiSeo Releases Making Film Video and Album Promotion Interview

On May 7, TaeTiSeo released two additional videos to help promote their latest single, “Twinkle.” The first video is a behind-the-scenes, MV making film, which shows the girls from backstage, shooting their music video. The second video is a promotional interview video that has the girls talking about their new album and music video, and special episodes while filming the MV.

But both videos have trouble with their audio, so until they fix it, we’ll have to settle for backstage clips of the MV filming set!

Comprised of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun, TaeTiSeo is the first unit group to promote under Girls’ Generation. Their first single, “Twinkle,” has been a massive hit, generating millions of MV clicks shortly after its release.