Legendary Hip Hop Group DJ DOC to Debut YOUNG DOC This Year

The legendary hip hop group, DJ DOC, is reported to be working on a new group called, YOUNG DOC, Star News reported on May 7.

YOUNG DOC is currently being trained under Enter 102, the agency owned by DJ DOC’s main singer, Kim Chang Ryul. According to the report, YOUNG DOC (tentatively titled at this point) will be comprised of four members that have exceptional skills in rap, dance, and vocals. It’s unsure if they will add more members, or what type of music they will mainly be focusing on. But they’re planning to debut in the second half of this year.

“We think there needs to be a junior group that succeeds the spirit of DJ DOC. They will be a group that not only inherits DJ DOC’s name, but also their musical inspiration and philosophy,” Enter 102 said.

DJ DOC is a three member hip hop group that debuted in 1994. Their debut track, “Superman’s Sorrow,” was an instant hit, and they managed to release consecutive smash hit singles throughout their successful career, including, “Winter’s Story,” “Remember,” “Run to You,” and “I’m a Guy like This.”

If you haven’t seen it already, enjoy their MV for “Run to You” below!