SISTAR’s Hyorin Beats Secret’s Hyosung and Girls’ Generation’s Yuri for Most Glamorous Figure

Recently, Korean media Ilkan Sports ran a survey asking, “Which girl group member has the most glamorous (busty) figure?” The survey asked a total of 8,000 fans, and the results were quite surprising as SISTAR’s Hyorin beat out Secret’s Hyosung and Girls’ Generation’s Yuri for the top honor.

Ilkan Sports described Hyorin’s bodyline using words such as “amazing curves” and “perfect line.” It pointed to her 22-inch waist and C-cup breasts for the honor, saying, “Her butt is so tight, it makes you wonder if she saved the world in her previous life.”

On the other hand, the report said, “Hyosung is not your typical ‘model-dol’ with long and slender arms/legs, but she has an unbeatable, super busty upper body. Her upper body is clearly an ‘adult,’ and her fashion sense makes even Kim Hye Soo and Kim Sarang feel smaller.”

It added, “Yuri’s sexy point is her perfect hip line. Her butt is ‘classic’ and makes her ‘cola bottle line’ clearly stand out.”

Which girl group member would you have picked?