Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo Opens Up on Forming a Sub-unit

Despite forming a sub-unit group, Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo said the whole group has remained close. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun recently spoke to local news agency Osen and opened up about the recent developments in their groups and activities.

“Since we are now each involved in personal activities, it’s hard for us to talk in person,” Taeyeon said. “Our mobile phones play a big part in giving us opportunities to chat and communicate. We used to be embarrassed in talking about some things but these days, we seem to want to talk about a lot.”

Seohyun added, “We try to work hard and come out confident as TaeTiSeo. When we stand onstage as nine, the energy is different. Even the dressing room seems too big for just three members.”

Tiffany said, “I really appreciate how the other members cheer us on as TaeTiSeo. They saw the music video and laughingly said that it looked like the company invested in us much more than they ever did for us as Girls’ Generation so they’re jokingly jealous. But really, with our new activities, all the members have a deeper affection for each other.”

Tiffany also offered her opinion on forming sub-unit groups. “It gives us a chance to showcase different styles. It gives all Girls’ Generation members a chance to show different sides.”

Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo officially began broadcast promotions for their mini-album “Twinkle” last weekend with a performance on “M! Countdown.”