Moon Geun Young Shows Off Birthday Gifts from Fans

Actress Moon Geun Young had a big smile on her face recently because of the birthday gifts she received from her fans. On May 6, on her mini homepage, she wrote, “Really, truly thank you to everyone. Really, truly thank you so much.” She expressed her gratitude for all the fans who wished her a happy birthday.

A day before, on May 5, Moon Geun Young uploaded pictures of the presents she received from her fans onto her mini homepage. Starting with a cake, she got other gifts like a drawing, wine bottle, and a plant, from her Chinese fans. She even received a notebook of the latest design. She said, “The number 26 sticks firmly in my eyes! It sticks firmly in my heart. However, I am really thankful. I couldn’t eat it [the cake] because it was too pretty to eat.” All the gifts came from her fan club and the members of a well-known community.

Netizens said, “There are a variety of gifts,” “I can feel the love of the fans,” and “Moon Geun Young has a nice relationship with her fans. She even takes a picture of each present and uploads it.”