Kara Goo Hara Releases “Short Movie” Teaser

On the official YouTube channel of DSP Media, a mysterious clip with the title “Hara ‘Short Movie’ Teaser 1’ was released. This is supposed to be a first teaser of “something.” The YouTube explanation contains that same title in Korean, Japanese, and English.

Goo Hara walks towards the camera as dust flows down and the building behind her seems to be imploding. Goo Hara looks fierce and beautiful, her fashion is very unique.

You can hear a message of a guy saying, “I.. Only knew you, and couldn’t erase you.”

Currently it is unknown what this teaser is for, fans are speculating that it is a new solo album.

Netizens that have come across the teaser stated, “Goo Hara Shows Her Charm,” “She needs to gain more weight,” and “Is there more than one teaser?”