SBS "K-Pop Star" Lee Ha Yi: "I Can Sing High Notes"

Lee Ha Yi, the runner-up on “SBS K-Pop Star,” firmly stated that she can sing high notes as well. “K-Pop Star” contestants Park Jimin, Lee Hayi, and Baek Ayeon came out during the most recent recording for SBS “Strong Heart” and shared their stories. 

Lee Ha Yi stated, “Everyone thinks that I can’t sing high notes, but they’re wrong. I can reach high notes as well,”revealing her disappointment with the fact that viewers only paid attention to her bass voice.

Furthermore, she stated, “When I was younger, I learned how to sing children’s songs. However, everyone told me that unless I had a pretty voice, I shouldn’t sing children’s songs.” She proved otherwise by singing a children’s song with a soulful feeling and brought a lot of laughter to the set.

Lee Ha Yi also had a high notes battle with the guests and showed off her hidden ability to sing high notes. 

Be sure to catch this broadcast with “Kpop Star” Top 3 contestants on Tuesday, May 8 at 11:15pm KST.