JYP Entertainment Reveals a Mysterious "JJ Project" Teaser

JYP Entertainment recently revealed a mysterious teaser! On May 8, the official teaser website “jjproject.jype.com” released a clip that announced the beginning of the “JJ Project.”

The YouTube clip shows a “JYP Slot Machine.” The slot machine flips through different names such as JYP, San E, 2AM, 2PM, and the Wonder Girls. At the very end, the slot machine stops where there are two Js and a star in between them. The two Js later become “JJ project,” and underneath the letters the date, May 20 is shown.

(Whatever this teaser is, it is teasing for something happening on May 20)

After the clip, the website shows a closed garage with a “No Parking Across Entrance Sign.” Also, on the bottom right hand corner of the official teaser website it states that a “Next Teaser [is] Coming Soon.”

What do you think the JJ Project is about?