Lee Hyori Shows Off Her "Diva Jackson" Look

Lee Hyori donned the “Diva Jackson Look” and transformed herself into legendary music icon, Michael Jackson.

Participating in a series that pays homage to celebrated artists and icons such as artist Andy Warhol and fashion queen Twiggy, the singer chose to transform herself into Michael Jackson and paid homage to the pop icon.

To capture the essence of Michael Jackson, Lee Hyori wore all black and accented the outfit with silver-chrome rocker style accessories. Her hair and intense makeup also captured the rocker style image, further adding to the overall bold and sassy concept.

The image of the singer also reveals Lee Hyori’s beautiful body and the overall effect of the accessories, makeup and styling only accentuated Lee Hyori’s sexy and intense beauty. 

Do you think she pulled off the “Diva Jackson” look?

Lee Hyori as Diva Jackson