SISTAR and Jung Il Woo Pose for Holika Holika Cosmetics

A photo of girl group SISTAR and actor Jung Il Woo during a “Holika Holika” cosmetics CF shoot has been revealed. Last month, SISTAR and Jung Il Woo have been chosen as main models for Enprani’s road shop brand, “Holika Holika.” In the photo, SISTAR transformed from their signature sexy image into cute fairies. The girls’ smiles and cute poses, along with Jung Il Woo in his pink shirt, brought out much freshness.

Many netizens who have seen the photo commented, “They look amazing even without Photoshop effects,” “SISTAR’s fairy pose,” and “SISTAR is CF princess.”

You can read about the behind the scene story of how SISTAR was chosen to be the main model here. Check out Hyorin’s version of the commercial below!