Hwang Jung Eum Photoshoot Fail

Usually, pictures of celebrities in a photoshoot will have Korean articles that praise the beauty of the celebrity. This time around however, a “Joongang” news article actually criticized a photoshoot, basically saying that it was a failure.

Hwang Jung Eum appeared in a photoshoot that made her look less pretty than her usual self. The cosmetic brand that the photoshoot was taken for is currently unknown.

In the picture, Hwang Jung Eum is wearing a wine colored dress that shows her collarbone. Although the picture tries to feature her womanly beauty, something is awkward about the picture. Her eyebrows are too thick, the blush is too much, and her lipstick makes it look she just ate some ice cream.

“Joongang” stated that the photoshoot was worse than pictures that Hwang Jung Eum posts on her Cyworld.

Currently Hwang Jung Eum is cast for the medical MBC drama “Golden Time.”