Girls’ Generation Tiffany Was Jealous of Jessica for a Minute

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany revealed her true feelings about Jessica’s early success as a musical star. Appearing on the May 7 show of KBS radio “Hong Jin Kyung’s 2PM,” Tiffany talked about her “one-minute of jealousy” moment over Jessica’s musical career.

When asked if Tiffany felt jealous of any of the other Girls’ Generation members, Tiffany said, “Yes, when Jessica appeared on the musical, ‘Legally Blonde,’ I was jealous of her. One week prior to Jessica’s casting, we heard about her audition for the musical, and I told our manager that I could do it well if given the chance, too.”

She continued, “But out of nowhere, news of Jessica’s musical role started to come up. We had no idea about it, and neither Jessica was aware of her casting until then. I was jealous for exactly one minute right at that moment. I’m also very interested in acting.”

Jessica played the leading role of Elle Woods in the 2009 musical, “Legally Blonde.” Two years later, Tiffany landed her first musical role in “Fame,” where she portrayed Carmen Diaz‘s character.