JYJ Jaejoong Turns into a Chosun Era Sergeant in MBC “Time Slip Dr. Jin”

More still cuts of JYJ’s Jaejoong from his first historical drama, MBC “Time Slip Dr. Jin,” were released on May 8. In the photos, Jaejoong is dressed in a traditional Chosun era sergeant uniform, holding a gun and giving a charismatic stare at the camera.

“Even though it’s his first-ever historical drama role, Jaejoong has been showing very balanced acting. He’s surprised many by perfectly dressing and doing makeup to fit his role. In order to portray the strong and masculine character of Kim Kyung Tak, Jaejoong is spending a lot of time studying his role,” the production team was quoted as saying.

MBC’s “Time Slip Dr. Jin” is a fantasy medical drama based on the Japanese manga, “Jin,” written by Murakami Motoka. It’s another time-traveling story, where a modern day surgeon travels back in time to the 1860s Chosun era. The first episode will air on May 26.