IU Reveals Her Physical Complex and Personal Taste for Underwear, Pajama, Socks

In the one-minute video titled “IU’s Slightly Personal Interview,” which is the second part of her short music film, “Spring of a Twenty Year Old,” IU discussed her preference for personal items such as her diary, pajama, underwear, and socks.

IU said, “For personal items, such as my diary, pajama, socks, and underwear, I prefer girlish designs. I always wear my pajama to bed, my socks must have animal prints, and my pen has to be really cute and pretty.”

She also revealed for the first time that her small hands are her physical complex. “My hands looked smaller than my face (even when I stretched out my arms),” IU said while talking about her MV filming of “You & I.” She added, “It made people think my head is really big because of that.”

Netizens commented, “IU’s baby hands are her biggest attraction,” “Small hands, small face, you’re just perfect,” and “She really looks twenty now.”