B.A.P Thanks Fans for 100th Day Anniversary

On May 8, B.A.P released a video celebrating their 100 day anniversary. Although the exact anniversary date was May 5, the boys of “Best. Absolute. Power” made sure to show their appreciation to the fans who stood by them since their debut.

Bang Yong Guk says, “We would like to thank our fans for always supporting us for the last 100 days. It was really fun promoting ‘Warrior,’ and it’s equally exciting now with our ‘Power’ promotion. We think we’ll have even more fun during our next album promotion.”

Himchan says, “It was extremely hard and challenging to prepare for our ‘Warrior’ album. And now we’re back with our second album already. The past 100 days are playing back like a movie. I’m sure it’ll be the same in the future. We’ll continue to release many albums, and after a long time, when we look back, it’ll play back like a movie. But we will always remember that our BABYs were there next to us. Thank you!”

Congratulations B.A.P!

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