miss A Suzy: "The Reason I Am Laughing Less Is Because I Am Getting Older"

What could miss A’s Suzy possibly be worried about? Her music, her acting and everything else seem to be a great success. 

However, on the episode of “Hello” that aired on May 7, Suzy shared her recent dilemma. During the opening of the show, the MCs asked Suzy if she had any recent worries.

Suzy replied, “I usually smile and laugh a lot. But as time goes by, I feel like my laughter and smiles are decreasing,” which surprised the entire studio. She continued to say, “I think this is because I’m getting older,” which further surprised the MCs even more.

MC Jung Chan Woo, who is old enough to be Suzy’s uncle, jokingly said, “Then we should just go and die,” making everyone erupt in laughter.

Netizens who watched this episode commented, “Suzy…the child has grown old too fast,” “Maybe she has some other, unspoken dilemma…” “Her comment is acceptable because she is pretty,” and many more.