Jung Ryeo Won Snaps Photos with World Famous Model Cole Mohr

Actress Jung Ryeo Won and World Famous Model Cole Mohr are hooked on “Pretending to be aliens.”

Jung Ryeo Won uploaded four photos on her Twitter on May 8 around 5:00PM with a caption, “Pretending to be aliens with Cole Mohhhhhhhhr.”

In the photo, Jung Ryeo Won with a dotted pattern shirt and Cole Mohr with a striped shirt are making varieties of facial expressions. They showed off their chemistry by making different facial expressions like a frown and a vacant look. In addition, they took bizarre photos of themselves with their tongue sticking out and raised eyebrows.

Netizens who saw these photos commented, “Jung Ryeo Won is an actress and Cole Mohr is a model, I don’t know if they should take these kind of photos,” “It’s funny, they look good together,” and “The second photo made me laugh so hard.”