Jung Il Woo DJing at a Club?

Turn up the music Mr. DJ! Jung Il Woo has recently been chosen as a model for Doritos. He is the first celebrity to represent the brand in South Korea. The Doritos brand in South Korea is a joint effort between Lotte Confectionery and PepsiCo, Inc.

Jung Il Woo filmed a commercial for Doritos where he portrays a DJ. The concept was to capture the energetic atmosphere of a club and the energy of DJ Jung Il Woo. During breaks Jung Il Woo practiced the basics of DJing that he had learned for the advertisement.

A representative of Doritos stated, “Jung Il Woo has pursued acting in different roles and his fan base is very diverse. That is the reason why we decided to choose him to represent us.”

Jung Il Woo left for China on May 8 to appear on a popular talk show.