Teen Top’s Thank You Message for Parents’ Day

Teen Top is gaining attention for their thank you messages to their parents. On May 8, which is Parents’ Day in Korea, they wrote on their me2day, “Forget all the troubles you went through when you had us and the pains your hearts experienced while taking care of us night and day. Thank you mom and dad. I will become a son who will continue to work hard. I love you.”

They also wrote on their twitter, “Mom and dad, you know us six sons love you very, very much, right? They are words that aren’t said often because one feels embarrassed to say them, however, say them at least today. Say thank you! and I love you! while hugging your parents tightly.”

Along with the messages, a photo was attached. It showed the Teen Top members gathered around holding carnations in their hands.

Netizens who saw the picture of the carnations said, “Cute!” “It’s a loving message that makes me think once again about my parents’ love,” “I think I should have a caring son like Teen Top later on,” and “With it being Parents’ Day, I want to say thank you to Teen Top’s parents for having them.”