G-Dragon Was an SME Trainee, Could He Have Been a Member of DBSK?

It was revealed that G-Dragon used to be a trainee with SM Entertainment. That makes one wonder, what if G-Dragon had been a part of DBSK, or even Super Junior? On May 8, Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News” revealed 8 secrets about celebrities’ pasts.

On the episode of the show, it was revealed that G-Dragon had been a trainee for 5 years under SM Entertainment. When G-Dragon was very young he played the younger version of Go Young Wook for “Little Roo’ra.” After the group was broken up, G-Dragon joined SM when he was 8 years old and trained under them, but eventually he moved to YG Entertainment.

Netizens stated, “SM must be kicking themselves,” and “This is kind of like the situation where JYP missed out on having IU.” 

What do you think? If G-Dragon was under SM Entertainment would he fit in better with DBSK or Super Junior?