Lee Si Young and Jay Park Look Like a Couple Even Off Camera

Actress Lee Si Young and singer Jay Park continued their “Sweet Mode” even when the camera was turned off. Recently, Lee Si Young unveiled a picture she took with Jay Park on her mini homepage.

The two can be seen with their faces really close together and smiling brightly. Lee Si Young has a cone hat on her head while Jay Park, on the other hand, seems very happy. They went on looking like a couple even though they weren’t filming for MBC’s “Music and Lyrics.”

Netizens said, “The way the two act is absolutely like ‘We Got Married,'” “They seem to get along well even after the program is over,” and “It seems like Lee Si Young is happier.”

Meanwhile, on May 5, the song, “Polaris,” which was made by Lee Si Young and Jay Park for the new group Tiny-G, was revealed on online music sites. Listen to it below.