Members of SHINee Rank Themselves In Order of Best Looking

MBC Every1Weekly Idol” will air the second episode of the two-part SHINee special tonight, May 9. During tonight’s episode, MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn will continue to look through and attempt to verify the facts in each member’s profile.

When it came time for Taemin’s turn, Jung Hyung Don grinned as he questioned, “What do you think of ‘Girl Group Taemin Alert?’” Taemin replied, “Actually, I feel insecure with my pretty face.” Jung Hyung Dong then asked him to rank the members of SHINee based on appearance much to Taemin’s delight.

The normally reserved maknae was noticeably giddy as he started to categorize his bandmates, which led the other members to “evaluate” their own appearances as they tried to justify where they fit.

Don’t forget to catch MBC Every1 “Weekly Idol,” featuring SHINee tonight, May 9, at 6:05PM KST.