Park Jimin Describes YG vs. SM vs. JYP

SBSK-Pop Star” winner Park Jimin recently compared the “Big 3 entertainment agencies in the Korean music industry: SM, YG, and JYP. On the May 8 broadcast of SBS “Strong Heart,” Park Jimin stated, “I still haven’t decided which agency I want to sign my contract with yet,” and revealed that she is still in the process of deciding.

Through the casting auditions on “K-Pop Star,” Park Jimin had the opportunity to train with all three agencies, and she shared the differences she noticed among the three companies. She stated, “YG Entertainment is really cool and chic. Everyone in the company is really like a family. SM Entertainment is very kind and has a perfectionistic attitude. JYP Entertainment is very passionate. JYP himself also constantly butts into everyone’s business.” Her hilarious last comment about JYP brought a lot of laughter to the set.

Which agency do you think Park Jimin should sign with?