SISTAR Hyorin’s Best Friend Stole Her First Love

Recently on Jung Sun Hee‘s SBS radio show “A Night Like Tonight,” SISTAR opened up about their memories of first love. Although they are still young, they earnestly talked about their experiences of heartaches from first love. 

While talking about songs that reminds one of their first love, Hyorin picked Kang Joon Ha‘s “Burying In Heart” as the song that brings back memories about her first love and talked about her first boyfriend in middle school. Hyorin said, “I can’t hide it when I’m in a relationship, so I often hung out with my boyfriend and my best friend together. I trust people around me, so I never suspected that anything could ever happen between my friend and boyfriend. But one day, my boyfriend told me that he’s fallen in love with my friend.” 

Although it was a bitter experience, Hyorin was cool about it. She added, “Since they are both such dear friends to me, I tried to understand them and approved their relationship.” Also on this episode of “A Night Like Tonight,” other members Bora and Dasom also talked about their own first love experiences and teared up. 

Listen to Kang Joon Ha’s “Burying In Heart,” the song that reminds Hyorin of her first love, below!