Rain’s Monthly Allowance Is Around $80

On May 8, Rain participated in the “2012 Servicemen Enlistment Cultural Festival” and held a brief Q&A session with incoming soldiers. During the event, a soldier asked “I would like to know how wealthy you are.” Initially, Rain answered, “I’m sorry, but I would like to talk about military-related things only.” 

Comedian Lee Jin Ho, Rain’s colleague at Korean Defense Media Agency, answered the question, “If I’m understanding correctly, Rain is receiving about 80,000 won (approximately $80 USD) a month.” Rain added, “Honestly, I don’t have places to spend money at. I’m probably going to spend my allowances on PX (acronym for Post Exchange, serves as a snack bar within the military).”

“Servicemen Enlistment Cultural Festival” is an event by the Ministry of National Defense to celebrate incoming soldiers and thank their family and friends. 

Rain joined the army on October 11, 2011. He showed excellence in all military training, including gunnery exercises, during his trainee days and became a teaching instructor. In February 2012, Rain was transferred to Defense Media Agency. He will be discharged in 2013.