[Ceci] Quicky Party Hair

Think star-worthy hair can only be done in high-end salons?  Think again.  We’ve combed through photos of stars dressed-up for different occasions and picked out the easiest styles for you to recreate.      

Hwang Yoo Seul Hye: Chic 7 by 3 Parting

How to – The part in your hair should be made deeper and wider than usual, and extend all the way to the back.  The bangs should come down naturally and not extend beyond your chin.  Bring your hair back and lower it so you have a lot of volume before tying it into a ponytail. 

Expert’s Tip – “Hair parting that’s too far to the side is typically considered tacky, but it can actually look rather hip and chic.  If the bangs are too long, the hair can look overly fake, and so this look is most recommended for people with short hair who want to change up their look.”
By W Purify’s Team Manager, Yeo In Nae

Yoon Seung Ah: C-Curl Dry Technique

How to – If you can learn to dry you hair properly for this style, you’ll be able to make it look professional without doing much else.  Apply essence to wet hair, and then dry your hair starting from the roots.  Brush your hair in single strokes, making sure the curls point towards your face. 

Expert’s Tip – “Dry your bangs from the inside out.  If your bangs are especially flat, part your hair on the opposite side to give it more volume.”
By Jenny House Olive Branch’s Designer, Sung Eun

Chae Jung Ahn: Pumped Up Volume Ponytail

How to – Waves add an elegant touch to this ponytail, and extra volume takes it to the next level.  Rather than focusing on making the perfect part, put more effort in making the part look like it disappears off in a diagonal line. 

Expert’s Tip – “The key to this look is in maintaining the volume at the top and back.  Pin the outer layer of your hair up so it’s out of your way, and use a dryer to blow the roots of the hair underneath in the opposite direction than how they sit naturally.  When you unpin the outer layer, it’ll cover the inner layers and you’ll get natural looking volume.”
By Sunsoo’s Associate Director, Bum Ho

Go Jun Hee: Deep-Rooted Waves

How to – For this style, we want thick curls starting from the roots, rather than the typical waves that curl more towards the ends.   Blow dry your hair at the roots against the direction you want the hair to fall, and then go around curling random strands in opposite directions from the rest of the hair.  Finish the look by loosely tying your hair back.

Expert’s Tip – “I enjoy clean ponytails, but added some 70’s style curls to this look to freshen it up.  It’s simple, but has a clear point.  This style is especially fitting on people with thin hair.”
By Foresta’s Designer, Kang Hee

Kim Jae Kyung: The Secret Behind Curtain Bangs

How to – Part your hair in a 6-to-4 ratio, and blow dry your bangs so they flow down naturally.  Then tie your hair up (in a knot, for Kim Jae Kyung’s look) and pull down the sides as if to make a rainbow-shape. 

Expert’s Tip – “If tying all of your hair up is too much, you can lower your bangs for a more natural look [as portrayed].  It’s a small difference, but it has a slimming effect on your face and gives that no-effort chic look.”
By Kang Ho the Red Carpet’s Director, Kang Ho

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