Jang Nara to Work with Jackie Chan’s Son

Jang Nara is making a special guest appearance in Chinese movie “Love Somebody” with Jackie Chan‘s son, Jaycee Fong. In the movie, Jang Nara will play the role of a woman with a successful career who falls in love with a guy she encounters by chance at first sight. She struggles to find balance between her love and family. 

Jang Nara appears as the owner of a high-end skin care salon who is involved in charity. She runs into a veterinarian, played by Zhao Qing, and falls in love with him. She accompanies him to a social gathering and runs into Jaycee Fong there. 

Jang Nara participated in the filming of “Love Somebody” in Qingdao, China from May 4 to May 7. She impressed the staffs with fluent Chinese as well as her beauty. She also helped to speed up the whole process by showing extreme focus during her filming, freeing actors and staffs from the extremely hot weather sooner than everyone had expected. 

Jang Nara’s agency commented, “Jang Nara has wrapped up three days of filming successfully. She’s managing her busy schedule by diligently studying the Chinese language and endlessly challenging herself to do better. ‘Love Somebody’ will be opening on the same day as Jang Nara’s first Chinese movie ‘Flying With You.‘ We are expecting there to be a ‘Nara JJang Hype’ in China after people see her showing different characters and charms in these two movies.”