Goo Hye Sun Receives Warm Reception for Taking the Subway

In the episode of “Star Life Theater” on May 7, Goo Hye Sun took the subway to school. She commented, “I take the subway regularly. Usually, I get on at Bupyeong station, but I got on at the Express Bus Terminal station today.” 

When a crew member of “Star Life Theater” asked, “Do you get conscious of the way other people look at you when you take the subway?” Goo Hye Sun answered nonchalantly, “It’s hard to not get conscious or notice others looking at me. However, I came to the conclusion that it’s not me who becomes like that. It’s others who notice me. As I realized that I don’t care about other people looking at me, I’ve become free.”

Upon finding out about Goo Hye Sun’s down to earth subway commute to school, Netizens commented, “Goo Hye Sun takes the subway?” “She’s so charming and down to earth,” “If she really takes the subway on a regular basis, that’s awesome.” and “Famous people should set an example like that.”