Girls Generation Is Short in Korea But Tall in Japan?

Recently on an online community forum, a picture of Girls Generation titled “Short Girls’ Generation Went to Japan And…” appeared. The revealed picture captures Girls’ Generation on Japanese music program “Music Station.” Members of Girls’ Generation are wearing shorts with long black boots, accentuating their shapely legs.  

What caught the attention of netizens is not their fashion. It was the visible height difference between members of Girls’ Generation and other Japanese artists on stage. Girls’ Generation seems to be almost a foot taller than the Japanese girl group members next to them. Even the shortest members of Girls Generation, Taeyeon and Sunny seem taller than other Japanese artists. 

Members of Girls’ Generation are not considered tall in Korea. Previously in 2007 at Golden Disk Awards, a picture of Girls’ Generation and Park Si Yeon garnered attention because Park Si Yeon was significantly taller than all of Girls’ Generation’s members, including their tallest members Sooyoung and YoonA. However, they proved that they also deserve the title of “Tall-Stature Idol” with this snapshot from “Music Station.”  

Fans and netizens commented, “Girls’ Generation is the new ‘Tall Stature Idol,'” “I always knew that they are not short,” “It must be the angle, they were so short next to Park Si Yeon,” and “Please tell me what difference their height makes. As long as they got the talent, that’s all that matters,” and “Look at their legs!”