2PM and 2AM to Form New Unit Group

2PM and 2AM will form a unit group for the OST track of their upcoming documentary film, “Beyond the One Day: Story of 2PM & 2AM.”

According to Japan’s Sankei Sports, the unit group will be named “2PM+2AM, One Day,” and their title track will be “One Day.” The new song is expected to be an uptempo track, with a good combination of the vocals of 2AM and the dance skills of 2PM.

“Beyond the One Day: Story of 2PM & 2AM” is a documentary film that shows the growth of 2PM and 2AM. Both groups were groomed under the management of JYP Entertainment and spent their trainee days together. The film will be based on the footage of the “JYP Nation in Japan 2011” concert, as well as behind the scenes clips and interviews of each member. It will premiere in Japan on June 30.

You can check out the latest trailer below!