Kara’s Name Appears As the Only Foreigner for a Japanese Popularity Poll

A popular Japanese research company called “Video Research,” did an internet survey about popular celebrities in Japan. The survey contained all men and women that are currently active in Japan. Kara was the only foreign group on the list, and they were ahead of famous Japanese celebrities such as Aoi Yu, and Nagasawa Masami. The survey was based upon likability factors as models. Experts say that this is probably due to Kara’s various advertisements in Japan.

As we reported earlier, Kara is making a killing in Japanese advertisements. They appeared in advertisements for Rohto Pharmaceuticals, C-Cube, Palty, Daesang Japan, and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals. They are making from $500,000 to $700,000 per advertisement.

On May 16, Kara will continue their Japanese tour concert in Tokyo.