Park Min Young Misses Her Old Looks

On May 9, Park Min Young tweeted a beautiful selca photo with a message that expressed her current state of mind.

She wrote, “Aigoo, those were the good times. But now I’m back in the Chosun era, shoong~flew over here. Buy me a bowl of shaved ice with milk.”

In the photo, Park Min Young looks as beautiful as ever, with her long hair hanging down on one side. It’s unclear where the photo was taken, it looks to be hotel room outside of Korea. Some fans also took notice of her slimmer facial line, wondering if her tight filming schedule caused any weight drop.

Netizens commented, “She’s a true goddess,” “I would love to take selcas if I were her,” and “Isn’t this an old photo?”

Park Min Young is currently filming her new TV drama, MBC “Time Slip Dr. Jin.” The first episode will air on May 26.