We previously reported that ex-RooRa member and TV personality Go Young Wook (35) has been charged with sexual abuse allegations. It has been revealed that the accuser is a minor and an aspiring model and that there have been two sexual encounters between her and Go Young Wook.

According to police reports, Go first met the accuser (17) at a TV program he was starring in at the moment and liked her at first sight. Apparently, he received her phone number through sources from the TV program and contacted her afterwards.

It is reported that Go Young Wook asked the accuser if she wanted to become a celebrity and that he would lay a bridge between her and an entertainment agency. After he requested to see her in his office in Yong San, the sexual encounter began.

Police sources say, “Go Young Wook asked the accuser if she wanted to become lovers with him and proceeded to sexually abuse her. However, it is becoming clear that he had no intentions of starting a relationship with her.” Allegedly, Go Young Wook gave her wine and other liquor and started to take off her clothes.

The accuser is a high-school drop out and is aspiring to become a model.

The police stated, “Crimes of alluring minors in exchange of making them into celebrities are a trend nowadays. We will continue to investigate these cases thoroughly.”

On May 9, Go Young Wook opened his mouth for the first time about this case. He posted a message on his official homepage saying, “The accuser and I are the two people who know exactly what happened between us.

However, I cannot share every little detail with you all. But I am really curious as to why the accuser charged me with this when she knows the entire truth.”

He did not go on to say what the “entire truth” was. Instead, he emphasized that he will reveal everything through the police investigation. He said, “I will diligently present all facts to the police. Everything I know and all the true facts about my relationship with the accuser will be thoroughly explained. I can’t share the details with the public but I want to make it clear that things aren’t as negative and corrupt as they are portrayed right now. I really hope you will believe me.”

He continued, “This case will be an eternal pain to both the accuser and myself. I cannot make myself lie to you just so I can escape or avoid this moment of pain,” strongly emphasizing that he is speaking the truth.

Finally, he said, “I caused disorder and trouble, I failed to meet up to your trust and love for me, I am sending you this message containing negative content when I should be sending you laughter and joy. I feel greatly responsible for all of those things and I am deeply sorry for disappointing you all.”

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