JYP Cancels His Comeback Stage Due to Voice Loss

JYP revealed his reasons of pushing back his comeback stage.

On May 9, JYP posted on his Twitter, “I went on a one-day trip to the States for an important project and went around five different broadcasting companies and gave passionate presentations. So my voice is gone. I think I have no choice but to cancel my comeback stage this week.”

JYP continued to say, “Running a business and being a singer at the same time is so hard. I will recover as quickly as possible and show you all a great performance.”

Finally JYP said, “All the fans who were waiting, and all of Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In fans, I’m so sorry. We were preparing for this since such a long time ago… I will recover as soon as possible and repay you with a great performance.”

JYP released his mini album, “Spring” on April 29, which was his first comeback as a singer in two years. His title track, “Only You” along with other tracks, “Feel So Good,” “In Another Person’s Arms,” “Last Love,” and “Please” are all in this new album.

We hope for JYP’s speedy recovery!