Who Does Girls Generation’s Tiffany Watch on Monday Nights, Yuri or YoonA?

Girls Generation’s Tiffany was asked who she watches on Monday nights since both Yuri and YoonA are starring in dramas.

On May 9, according to KBS, Tiffany was on set for “Happy Together” when she was asked which Monday night drama she watched. Tiffany revealed that she watches Yuri’s drama, “Fashion King.”

Before Tiffany answered, Jessica said, “YoonA’s drama and Yuri’s drama air on the same time at the same days. We had to watch one drama one week and another drama the next week so we don’t really know the exact content of either drama.”

Tiffany confessed, “I watch Yuri’s drama. Yuri doesn’t have that busy of a schedule so she is around at the dorms a lot. Whenever 10 PM comes on a Monday night, Yuri turns the TV on to her drama so I have to watch it with her.”

YoonA is currently appearong on “Love Rain” and Yuri in “Fashion King.”

Meanwhile, Tiffany also revealed that she had been upset at her teammate, Hyoyeon. Remember to check out the episode of “Happy Together” on May 10 to find out more!