Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha Has Rare Gene that Allows Her To Drink Endlessly

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha (30) confessed that her “drinker image” was all due to a rare gene that allows great alcohol comsumption.

On the episode of “Radio Star” that aired on May 9, a few cast members from the MBC drama, “Light and Shadows” guest starred including Kim Hee Won, Lee Sae Chang and Narsha. Narsha gave many laughs through her stories and experiences as a Brown Eyed Girls member and an “adult-dol.”

The MCs explained that there is such a gene that allows a lot of alcohol consumption. The gene is only found in 10 percent of Korea and is said that those with the gene can drink alcohol as if it is water. Narsha acknowledged this and surprised everyone in the studio.

Narsha said, “I don’t really drink soju but when it comes to other kinds of alcohol, I usually drink until the gathering/party/event is over.” After hearing this, the MCs jokingly said, “It feels like you should have a bottle in your back pocket right now.” Narsha also shared her drinking habits. She said, “I’ve hugged and kissed guys from being drunk but I’ve never danced in front of a guy before.”

Netizens who watched this episode showed much interested. They commented, “Of course, it’s Narsha,” “She looks like she is a great drinker,” “She spoke about this before in a previous show and I laughed so hard,” “I’m curious as to how much she can drink,” and more.

Meanwhile, Narsha was picked as the number 2 celebrity who makes the dirtiest jokes. Her responsive comment, “I don’t not like borderline remarks,” made the studio explode with laughter.

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