Son Ye Jin Looks Different

Actress Son Ye Jin is gaining attention from netizens for her different appearance.

Recently on an online community board, a netizen posted up a recent picture of the actress titled, “Son Ye Jin’s change: Did the picture just come out weirdly or did her face really change?” The picture was taking during her photoshoot for a beverage advertisement.

In the photo, we can see that Son Ye Jin’s eye and nose seem to be more prominent than in the past. Moreover, her usual innocent image is gone. Her face seems rather swollen and some people have commented that unnaturally sharp nose makes her look older. 

Netizens left surprised reactions such as, “Did she lose weight? There’s something different about her,” “Maybe they photoshopped her weirdly for the photoshoot. I thought it was a different person,” “Is it because she aged? Her face seems to have changed,” and “I thought she was Noh Hyun Hee.” 

Son Ye Jin is currently preparing for her new movie, “Accomplice.” She is playing the role of a daughter who finds out that her father is kidnapper and a murderer.