Kim Jang Hoon to Swim to Dokdo Island on Korean Independence Day

Kim Jang Hoon is well-known for expressing his nationalistic views on South Korean issues such as the territorial dispute over Dokdo Island and comfort women. On August 15, (The Korean Independence Day) Kim Jang Hoon will swim to Dokdo Island with swimming students from the Korean National Sports University.

On May 9, Kim Jang Hoon met with the Dean of the Korean National Sports University and also the professor of the school’s swimming major “Choi Gang Jin,” to discuss swimming to Dokdo Island.

The professor Choi Gang Jin stated, “The total swimming distance will be 215 km. The reason we have planned this event is to imbue hope into teenagers and also show to Koreans and Japanese citizens that Dokdo is Korean. I thought that Kim Jang Hoon was the only person that could do this event, he accepted. We will accomplish swimming to Doko Island.”

Kim Jang Hoon stated, “Thinking about college students swimming across to Dokdo makes my heart pound. I will provide all material and mental support, but on top of that I will also swim with them. That is why I will be training for the remaining three months.”

The swimming project will begin on August 13, the swimming team will begin at “Jook Byun.” (Located on the east coast of South Korea)