Mnet M! Countdown – May 10, 2012

Tonight was a fierce battle between girl groups as the top three competing for Song of the week were TaeTiSeo, Sistar and 4Minute. The results were even, but in the end Girls’ Generation’s TaeTiSeo came out on top.

New rookie group Hello Venus made their debut with their song “Venus” and fanchants were loud for A Pink‘s comeback. Teasers urged us to tune in next week for Infinite‘s big comeback.

Other performances tonight include: Sunny Hill, BtoB, EXO-K, U-KISS, 4Minute, IVY, B.A.P, Mighty Mouth, Girl’s Day, SISTAR, Ulala Session.

Song of the week: 

TaeTiSeo “Twinkle”

A Pink “0419” and “Hush”

Hello Venus “Venus”

B.A.P “Power”

BtoB “Father”

4Minute “Volume Up”

Girl’s Day “Oh! My God”


U-Kiss “Dora Dora”

Mighty Mouth feat. Soya “Bad Boy”


credit: namchn719/kpopmusicnew/chiehchiehl @yt

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