Stress Caused BoA to Lose 10 kg in a Week in Japan

BoA’s mother revealed that the star singer once lost over 10 kg in less than a week due to intense stress from her Japanese promotions.

Appearing on the May 9 episode of SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment,” BoA’s mother Sung Young Ja said, “I received a carnation this morning. She asked, ‘Am I always nice to my mom? What special gift should I buy today?’ over breakfast today.”

She continued, “It was when BoA was 16 years old. Because of stress, she was sent to the hospital for a week. She lost over 10 kg (22 pounds) in just a week. I cried a lot when I heard that.”

“I believe that little kid had to go through a lot, small and big, being away from her parents in Japan,” Sung Young Ja said with teary eyes. “We’re thankful for her loving heart. We have a mother-daughter relationship that really connects well with each other by heart,” she said.