Why Was Park Myung Soo Upset at Girls Generation’s Jessica During Their "Cold Noodle" Days?

Comedian Park Myung Soo revealed that he was upset at Girls’ Generation’s Jessica during the promotion of their duet, “Cold Noodles (Naeng Myun).”

On the episode of “Happy Together” that aired on May 10, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Tiffany and Jessica along with comedians Shin Bo Ra, Park Ji Sun and Jung Joo Ri guest starred and shared many stories.

Attention was especially grabbed when Park Myung Soo stated that he was upset at Jessica during the promotion of their duet, “Cold Noodles,” from the MBC variety show, “Infinite Challenge.”

Park Myung Soo explained, “The choreography for ‘Cold Noodles’ was created by the Girls’ Generation choreography team. So how could I follow that? I messed up a lot from behind and make a lot of mistakes.”

He continued, “Usually, when someone on stage with you makes a lot of mistakes, you worry for them and stuff but Jessica – she only cared about herself looking pretty on stage,” making the studio erupt in laughter.

Then the MCs said, “Well at least one person should do a good job on stage,” and “Jessica saved the performance that you almost ruined.” Then Park Myung Soo tried to clear things up and added, “She was truly a pro,” which set off another round of laughter.

Check out this clip of the “Cold Noodles” performance: