Goo Hye Sun Displays Exceptional Piano Skills

Goo Hye Sun – actress, director and musical artist – displayed her exceptional piano skills on KBS 2TV’s “Star Life Theater.” Performing a song that she had written herself called, “Moonlight,” the talented artist revealed yet another side to her multi-faceted self. The song that she performed was featured in her 2011 film, “The Peach Tree.”

She commented that whenever a melody line is conjured in her head, she records it. She also noted that she has been writing songs since her junior high school days and a compilation of her songs, some written many years ago, while others recent, was recorded and released in 2009.

Catch the multi-talented artist in KBS’s “Star Life Theater.” Audiences can catch a glimpse into the life of the down-to-earth actress/director. After watching the biography series on the actress/director, it’s hard not to become a Goo Hye Sun fan!

KBS Star Life Theater – Goo Hye Sun